The relationship between technology and humanity has always been symbiotic as neither can advance without the other. Today's community engages itself via mass produced objects and digital mediums that dictate our interactions. Ideas are communicated instantaneously despite physical distances and symbols compartmentalize our cultural into informational tidbits that, en masse, are incomplete representations of reality.

My work urges viewers to critically re-examine our technological landscapes by interacting with them through a handmade lens. Thus, we focus on the underlying human presence shadowed by our advancements. By covering construction sites, road signs, and technologies in handmade materials, we are reminded that our symbolic environments deserve a second skin: softer, warmer, imperfect, and tattooed with subtle reminders of our humanity. In an effort to reach a broader audience, my work balances the intersections between technology and the handmade, between art, craft, and design, and between the gallery and the public spheres.